About Stan

I have always admired the fact that some people, from a very early age knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. The lawyers, police officers, teachers, golfers, you get my drift. Looking back, I guess my path was set once I started senior school, it was a boys comprehensive in South West London with 1800 students, you could say it was a character building experience.

By the time I navigated my way to the end of school without major incident, mainly by being able to do a pretty good Mo Farah impression on games mornings and the robot dance at break times, any thoughts about what I was going to do once I left hadn’t even crossed my mind.

How does this relate to you reaching your weight loss and fitness goals?

Directly it doesn’t, but hear me out, you know I said that I admire people that have always known what they wanted to do, well when I look back I do remember as a very young child thinking that I would always be active and sporty.  I was really lucky to land myself an apprenticeship as an electrician on leaving school, along with that I took the opportunity to get into decent level sport due to a late growth spurt and tons of enthusiasm that had been suppressed during my ‘challenging’ secondary school experience.

If you find an activity or sport you really love you will find a way to fit it into your daily life

I stuck at the electrical thing for more than 10 years, that whole time I either played top club level cricket or non-league football, why do you need to know this? Well when I look back I can’t believe how I managed to do it, the overtime demands at work, planning the changes of clothing and the kit you would need pre and post-match, where to leave the car in order to make it easiest to get to a game after a day in the city and the late night midweek meals after getting back from a match.

In all that time I can honestly say I can count on one hand how many times I ‘cried off’ from a training session.

This is important for you to know this about me because;

It is my job to find your motivation and help you to make a plan to achieve your weight management and fitness goals

I really feel confident that I can get your functional fitness and exercise nutrition where you want it to be.

I have Titanium pins in both my ankles!

The day job never really did it for me, but I had my sport, so everything was cool, until broken leg number 1, right ankle. Which when I look back was a blessing, by this time I was already thinking about fitness training as a career change though it would have probably remained just a thought if it wasn’t for that badly timed pre-season tackle. By the time I left the hospital 5 days later, I had already signed up for my first fitness trainer qualification.

That was more than 20 years ago and I can honestly say I feel as enthusiastic about sport and movement as when I started. Over the years I have developed a method of training my clients that will improve energy levels, challenge your neuromuscular capabilities, increase mobility and strength.

I have tons of experience coaching my clients to manage any rehab or postural correction issues they may have.

A few characteristics that will help you to achieve any long term lifestyle goal that you desire.

Oh and by the way change is difficult, when you first set out on a path there will be tough times, for me the financial impact of changing careers was a tough one, and I have broken leg number 2 (left ankle) less than 2 years before the first to thank for getting me to stop and really focus again on what is truly important for me to get the best out of myself in life. I think I was born to help people be the best that they can be.