4 Hip Opener Stretches All Cyclists Should Be Doing

Back care

If nutrition is the protein on my sports performance, weight loss plate and cycling and exercise are the carbs, then a good selection of hip opener stretches would have to fill the spot left for healthy fats on my perfect dish. I can remember having knee issues as far back as my school team goal…

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Interval training for cyclist

Interval training for cyclists

I do it and you should too. As it is pretty well documented, once you get into your thirties there is a slowing down of your metabolism, on average between 2-4%. The good news is, interval training for cyclists is one of many methods that can be used to off-set the decline. Everyone needs a…

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Is road cycling good exercise for men over 50?

Good exercise for men over 50

So this is a tricky one for me, I have always been a keen sportsman and very competitive, so when at the age of 48 I started to have a knee issue, mainly during games of tennis and when out jogging I turned to cycling as an option. Cycling is a great low impact form…

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