What’s the best hydration strategy for cyclists?

Bottled water

The modern sports industry has convinced many people that dehydration is a terrifying fate to be avoided at all costs. We are advised to seek out the best hydration drink and take in so many litres per hour of sports recovery products that supposedly help us stay hydrated. But do we need to worry about…

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5 Reasons to never use a calorie counter to lose weight

Whole foods

I am all for using gadgets and the latest apps to help track fitness and weight management goals, but in my book a calorie counter shouldn’t be one of them. Why you shouldn’t count calories. Counting calories makes you feel deprived and restricted. You focus on what you think you can’t do or have, rather…

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Healthy Eating Tips to lose Weight – Supplements

Nutrition supplements

Nutritional supplements are quite often controversial and some might say for good reason. There are tens of thousands of them that are heavily marketed, yet only a few have been proven to work. in this post we will look at my recommendations for 6 supplement staples to include in my healthy eating tips to lose…

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Best cycling fitness tips.

Best cycling fitness tips

A useful guide for what to eat, before, during and after exercise   Looking for the best cycling fitness tips to improve performance, drop body fat and gain lean muscle? Look no further. This post will teach you what to eat before, during and after for your specific goals.   Just how important is workout…

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