Healthy eating tips to lose weight

The good news is if you have come to this page for healthy eating tips to lose weight, this is the right place, but if you also expected to be getting diet sheets and food plans, you won’t find any of that stuff here. The even better news is that you will have the opportunity to receive personal exercise nutrition coaching that will help you to achieve long-term sustainable weight loss.

Your cycling will improve beyond belief

Who says you can’t out exercise a bad diet?

Well everyone actually, but for some perverse reason, I thought I could. I moved to southern Spain in March 2008 from London England, my partner is a language teacher and fancied an adventure, so we headed off, It was sad leaving my family and lovely clients behind, but I wasn’t going to miss negotiating the London traffic to run my mobile personal training business one bit.

I’ve always eaten what I want, always had physically demanding jobs and hobbies, I have never smoked, don’t do drugs and don’t drink (much, er just socially, well maybe a bit) so to me when it comes to eating, the gloves are off, let’s do this!

It’s 2016, and we’re still in Spain

We love it! Where has all the time gone? We have found our feet and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. What a lifestyle change, though, I went from tearing around the place by bike, local transport and walking to, well not much! So in 2011 when I jumped on the scales and saw that I was 94 kilo’s and had put on over 10 kilo’s I was shocked, to say the least, well, to be honest, I wasn’t  shocked, I was in denial. I had noticed the pounds creeping on, well what do you do when you move to the ‘Costa del Golf’, play golf and work less of course!

The ProCoach Nutrition Coaching Plan

I took action and did two things, got into road cycling and began to educate myself in exercise nutrition. I’m now certified as a level one Precision Nutrition coach and can deliver the ProCoach online program which is powered by PN, it includes: Healthy eating tips to lose weight


  • 365 days of coaching for a new mindset and resolve to make better choices that lead you to your goals
  • Holistic approach covering nutrition, sleep, lifestyle, stress management, mindset, social support to generate real, lasting change
  • A habit-based approach that doesn’t force a meal plan or rigid dietary philosophy.
  • Covers all the basics to achieve peak performance–energy and focus, optimal health and desired body composition.
  • Includes habits, lessons, short assignments to practice, articles, audio files, videos and downloads
  • Works no matter where you are (USA or Timbuktu!) as long as you can read your emails and access the internet daily or multiple times per week
  • Same program used with PN’s 45,000 clients for 900,000 pounds lost over the last ten years
  • Track progress + reviewed by me = accountability to yourself and your coach
  • Completely private, convenient and no appointments necessary
  • If you would like to know more, please leave a comment below!



  • Jim Banes

    Reply Reply September 11, 2016

    Great Info! So jealous that all of Europe is right in your back yard. I heard about Precision Nutrition! Heard some really good success from it. How do you like it? What were your results?
    I would definitely love to hear of your real life success before I purchase.


    • fitbodycyclist

      Reply Reply September 11, 2016

      The program really works for me Jim! In as much as it being about behavior change over a long period of time rather than a quick fix meal plan solution. I found Precision Nutrition about 4 years ago, as a personal trainer I was looking for an exercise nutrition course to add to my credentials, I am now a level 1 certified coach and about 30lbs lighter!

  • Axton

    Reply Reply September 12, 2016

    I always thought exercise and dieting have to come side-by-side to lose weight. I guess good habits and selective food/nutrition is the better solution to cut down on ‘eating’.

    • fitbodycyclist

      Reply Reply September 12, 2016

      Hi Axton,

      The ProCoach software is an online exercise nutrition program which is focused on eating behavioral change. You will receive daily automated lessons and have access to coaching where you can be advised on appropriate exercise as well.

  • Wendy

    Reply Reply September 12, 2016

    I like that this plan offers a holistic approach to nutrition. It isn’t just about what you eat and how much you work out. Weight loss is also about getting a good night sleep so your body can recover. Also, I find when I’m stressed out I have a difficult time getting real results. It is all tied in together. Great post!

    • fitbodycyclist

      Reply Reply September 12, 2016

      Hi Wendy,
      The best bit about the program for me is that it is aimed at sustainable long term change, it meets you where you are in life and helps you to find your path, without looking to add to your stress.

  • kevin deaney

    Reply Reply September 21, 2016

    Hey Stan
    Great article.
    I was a chef for 30 years before injury put paid to that. But it was so easy for me to be overweight all the time, eating and drinking and bad sleep habits were the norm. I tried many times to be healthy and exercise but it never lasted long. I love the ideas here and will look into PrecisionNutrition.

    • fitbodycyclist

      Reply Reply September 22, 2016

      It is a great long term solution to changing habits of a lifetime.let me know if you decide to go ahead, it will be great to coach you through the program.

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